DIVINE  LIGHT 


We are located at

70 Commercial Avenue,


L1S 2H5

Map and driving directions are at bottom of this page.


Our Divine Services are Sunday's at 7 PM

All are welcome

Also visit 'The Learning Center':  http://www.dllc.ca


Our Next Divine Services' are:




July 22

Chair: Russ Sage - Ministerial student

Speaker: Chris Ferguson - Ministerial student

 Medium's: Chris & Rev. Catherine Ramdeen


July 29

Chair: Don Cabildo - Ministerial student

Speaker & Medium: Rev. Barbara Faulkner




August 5

Chair: Rev. Lorraine Baker

Speaker: Rev. Janet Kaminsky

Medium: TBA


August 12

Chair: Rev. Margaret MacPherson

Speaker & Medium: Rev. Kathleen Barnard


August 19

Chair: Rev. Joe Brown

Speaker & Medium: Rev. Eryn Manchanda


August 26

Chair: Chris Ferguson

Speaker & Medium: Rev. Joe Brown




September 2

(Labor Day Weekend)

Chair: Rev. Sheila Scott

Speaker & Medium: Rev. Denise Ryan


September 9

Chair: Rev. Janet Kaminsky

Speaker: Rev. Diane Mabee

Medium: Mark Zietsma


September 16

Chair: Rev. Joe Brown

Speaker & Medium: Rev. Jennifer White


September 23

Chair: Rev. Catherine Ramdeen

Speaker: Rev. Lorraine Baker

Medium: Rev. Barbara Faulkner


September 30

Chair: Rev. Denise Ryan

Speaker & Medium: Rev. Kathleen Barnard


 {D.L.S.C.'s guest speakers express their own opinions and beliefs

in their Inspirational Talk, (Lecture). 

 Those opinions and beliefs, however, are not necessarily those of our Board of Directors.}



New location - 70 Commercial Ave.

Map below


Traveling West on Hwy 401

Exit Hwy 401 (at Exit # 404) Salem Rd

Go South (L)

Turn Right on Achilles Rd

Continue past Harwood Ave. S.

Turn Left on Commercial Ave.


Traveling East on Hwy 401

Exit HWY 401 (at Exit # 401) Westney Rd.

Go South (R)

Turn Left on Fairall St, which connects to Station St.

Continue on Station St. and

Turn Right on Commercial Ave.


Traveling on Kingston Road / Hwy 2

Take Harwood Ave. S.

Turn Right on Station St.

Turn Left on Commercial Ave.


Traveling on Bayly St.

Go North on Commercial Ave.

Commercial Ave. is one street west of Harwood Ave.

70 Commercial Ave. Ajax. ON, Canada

70 Commercial Avenue

Our Sunday Services

 are being held here.

Governing Official

Rev. Joe Brown CSNU

D.L.S.C. Founder

Our symbol:

Peace Dove