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Ministerial Program

There are three Semesters.

There are 6 modules in each semester with an additional in-depth essay at the end of semester 2.

Each ministerial student:

1. Will be assigned a tutor.

2. Expected to attend Divine Services.

3. Attend classes regarding the course.

4. Prepare and present lectures (Inspirational Talks).

5. Required to preform all necessary platform demonstrations during Church Services.

6. Are encouraged to purchase the reference material as used in the course as there will not be any other material given or required to complete your exams.

7. Have all material completed before being ordained.

Prerequisite before Ordination

1. You have accepted and are following the fundamental principles of Spiritualism as your religion.

2. Hold the 3 Certificates required through DLSC.

i) Spiritual Healer

ii) Clairvoyance

iii) Lecturer/Inspirational Speaker

3. Accept and sign DLSC’s Ministerial Code of Ethics.



Mediumship Classes will Start for 2023 

Sept 12th, 13th and 14


This year :

Beginners Class will be held on a wednesday night,

and the Intermediate on Tuesday night and 

 Thursday night for Advanced Classes. See workshops page  for detailed list of class topics.   

Classes are weekly and in person from September 12 to May 14. Graduation Ceremony will take place on Sunday May 19th at DLSCs divine sunday service.

7-9pm at 70 Commercial Ave.

Instructors are Reverend Catherine Ramdeen and Reverend Lorraine Baker.

Cost is $60 a month.

Textbook is a one time cost of $20 first day of class.

DLSC yearly membership is $15 first day of class.

Registration can be done by completing the sign up sheet at the church or by email at

It's going to be awesome!!

Mediumship Classes help you develop your natural talents and enhance your personal relationship with your version of Divine Love. We learn to connect with unseen aspects of our reality and to harness all aspects of perception. Some side effects of these classes may cause an increase in self esteem, a new ability to understand yourself and to trust yourself. Another side effect is meeting a group of amazing people and making life long heartfelt connections .

Cost is $60 a month.



Message from Reverend Catherine


"Mediumship classes help you to tap the innate ability that all of us have to recognize the divine guidance that all of us naturally possess.

The meditation in these classes help you to quiet your mind and work with your thoughts to receive clarity that propels you forward in identifying and living your life purpose.

Mediumship classes help you by establishing a relationship with your version of  Divine guidance. They fill you with a sense of confidence and trust as well as putting you in contact with others on the same journey.

I have seen time and time again that lifelong friendships occur as a result of attending these classes. It is a joy to motivate and witness the confidence level and skill in mediumship that these classes deliver.

The change that we want cannot happen from the perspective that brought it about in the first place."



Rev. Joe's Development-Class Books 

are available at the church.

All development students, 

and those interested in learning Mediumship, 

are encouraged to own a copy.


Also, visit our Workshops page.

As a Clergy


Do you feel and sense that you have the potential of being a formal leader

And preside over DLSC's rituals and teachings?

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